Toronto Games Week 2024: A Celebration of Gaming Culture

Toronto Games Week 2024: A Celebration of Gaming Culture

Toronto Games Week (TGW) is set to return from June 13-19, 2024. This vibrant celebration of gaming culture promises a diverse lineup of activities and experiences, organized independently by dozens of organizations, curators, companies, creators, and communities.

About Toronto Games Week

Coordinated by Marie LeBlanc Flanagan (formerly of A MAZE. / Berlin) and Jim Munroe (Game Arts International Network executive director and co-founder of the Hand Eye Society), TGW has grown from the collaborative efforts of local communities and organizations. The event was brought to life with the support of advisors from notable game community organizations such as Toronto Game Jam, Interactive Ontario, Buffer Festival, Vector Festival, DMG, Dirty Rectangles, Hand Eye Society, Continue Agency, and Funland Magazine. Additional input came from representatives of the Ontario Arts Council, OCAD, TIFF, and the City of Toronto Creative Technology Office.

What to Expect at Toronto Games Week

Throughout the week, attendees can look forward to a wide range of events, including:

  • Pop-Up Arcade: Enjoy an enchanting, flickering forest arcade after dark.
  • Workshops: Learn open-source game development tools.
  • Speedrunning Event: Participate in or cheer on competitors at a women & femme speedrunning event.
  • Tea Party: Brew a DIY blend at a tea party in the park.
  • Comparative Discussions: Dive into discussions comparing working-class sci-fi movies and games.
  • Gameboy Cartridge Workshop: Install a game you created onto a Gameboy cartridge.

These are just a few highlights of what promises to be an exciting and eclectic week. See the full schedule here.

Join the Celebration

Toronto Games Week 2024 is an open invitation to all gaming enthusiasts, creators, and communities to come together and celebrate Toronto's vibrant gaming culture. For a full schedule of events and to plan your week, visit the Toronto Games Week Schedule.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to engage with the gaming community, learn new skills, and enjoy various creative and entertaining events.