Play the Demo of 'Turn By Turn Villain' in Steam Next Fest!

Play the Demo of 'Turn By Turn Villain' in Steam Next Fest!

Get ready to embrace your inner villain and experience the exciting world of 'Turn By Turn Villain' from PixelSlop before the Steam Next Fest kicks off on October 9th.

In this unique blend of Turn-Based and Action RPG, you assume the role of a demon compelled to traverse the human realm and rectify the dark chaos you've unleashed. As you venture forth, you'll encounter an innovative battle system that demands both strategic thinking and quick reflexes. Choose your actions from a traditional menu, but be prepared to respond swiftly to your relentless adversaries. Keep a watchful eye on your Turn Points, as your actions are restricted. (Players seeking a more exploration-focused experience can disable this feature.)

Take on your former minions in comical, action-packed brawls to cleanse the world of your malevolent influence, all while gathering Shards of Light – the key to enhancing your character and banishing the darkness. Explore the enchanting pixel art world of Nevah, teeming with secrets and eccentric characters, and redeem yourself by spreading happiness through your virtuous deeds.

Key Features:

  • Step into the shoes of a demon navigating the human world.
  • Engage in Turn-Based Action RPG combat against your ex-minions.
  • Manage your Turn Points amidst chaotic brawls (option to disable).
  • Gather Shards of Light to empower your character and dispel the darkness.
  • Explore the pixel art wonderland of Nevah, filled with secrets and whimsical characters.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to play the demo of "Turn By Turn Villain" available here. Be the villain you always wanted to be, and let your journey towards redemption begin!