Twitch Experimenting with 4K and Multi-encoding Livestreaming

Twitch has unveiled a game-changing feature in the dynamic world of live streaming with the introduction of the Enhanced Broadcasting Beta that would benefit Creators and Developers. This beta promises to redefine the streaming experience, explicitly targeted at Twitch streamers, addressing a crucial aspect known as transcodes.

Transcodes, converting video into various resolutions to accommodate viewers' bandwidth, play a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless streaming experience. Streamers can guarantee buffer-free content with multiple transcodes, irrespective of their audience's network connections.

The Triad of Transcodes

To comprehend the significance of transcodes, it's essential to grasp the three critical factors involved in their creation:

  1. Codec Technology: The technology used to store and stream the video.
  2. Time Efficiency: The duration taken to generate the transcode.
  3. Processing Power: The computer's capability to generate the transcode.

These factors collectively determine the video quality and the amount of data used. A more powerful processor and modern codec contribute to a superior video representation.

The Evolution of Transcodes on Twitch

While Twitch has historically offered transcodes to all streamers, guaranteeing them was restricted to Partners. The transcoding process occurs in the cloud on Twitch servers, often utilizing older processors acquired several years ago. Due to the cost and the sheer volume of daily streams, transcodes couldn't always be guaranteed for every streamer.

Understanding the importance of transcodes, especially for mobile and low-bandwidth users, Twitch has collaborated with NVIDIA and OBS to unveil Enhanced Broadcasting in OBS.

Introducing Enhanced Broadcasting

Enhanced Broadcasting brings two pivotal capabilities to Twitch streamers:

  1. Multiple Encodings with GPU: Leveraging the dedicated encoder resources in NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs, this feature creates multiple encodings at various resolutions. This results in a higher-quality stream and reduced latency without impacting the streaming experience.
  2. Automatic Configuration: Enhanced Broadcasting offers an automatic configuration option for OBS, optimizing settings based on the computer's processing power and upload bandwidth. This eliminates the need for trial and error with technical settings, ensuring an optimal streaming experience.

Join the Closed Beta

Excitingly, Twitch is inviting streamers to join the Closed Beta of this Twitch-specific version of OBS. Testing this beta allows users to be among the first to experience this groundbreaking technology and guarantees improved stream quality and extended reach.

Looking Ahead

As the beta unfolds, Twitch has ambitious plans for the future, including support for new codecs and experimentation with HEVC and AV1. AV1 heralded as the next generation of video encoding technology, promises a 40% efficiency boost over the current AVC standard, enhancing visual quality and reducing bandwidth.

In a groundbreaking move, Twitch is collaborating with NVIDIA to bring AV1 to the platform, which is exclusively available with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs. Furthermore, as a Veovera Software Organization's steering committee member, Twitch is driving industry collaboration to make the Enhanced RTMP Multitrack Feature specification available to the entire live streaming ecosystem in the coming months.

Creators and developers stand to reap substantial benefits from the Enhanced Broadcasting Beta on Twitch. This revolutionary feature ensures an enhanced streaming experience for creators, allowing them to effortlessly provide multiple transcodes to their viewers. With dedicated encoder resources in NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs, creators can achieve higher-quality streams and reduced latency across various resolutions, ensuring a more inclusive and satisfying viewing experience for their audience. Moreover, the automatic configuration option in OBS eliminates the technical hurdles associated with bitrate and settings, allowing creators to focus on their content without extensive trial and error. On the other hand, developers gain a powerful tool to optimize their applications for the future. The collaboration with NVIDIA promises cutting-edge video encoding technology and opens avenues for further innovations, such as support for new codecs and experimentation with advanced technologies like HEVC and AV1. This partnership signifies a step towards a more efficient and collaborative live-streaming ecosystem, benefitting creators and developers.

For more details, including system requirements and FAQs, visit the Streaming Tools page in your Creator Dashboard.

In summary, Enhanced Broadcasting Beta is poised to elevate the Twitch streaming experience, giving streamers more control and paving the way for future innovations in video encoding technology. Streamers, gear up to join the revolution!