Ubisoft Announces Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition at Limited Run Games Showcase

Ubisoft Announces Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition at Limited Run Games Showcase

During the Limited Run Games showcase, Ubisoft unveiled the Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition, set for release on June 25th. This milestone celebration of the beloved franchise will be available on PlayStation®5 & PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, Amazon Luna, and PC through the Ubisoft Store, Epic Games Store, and Steam.

A New Era for a Classic Adventure

Players can look forward to revisiting the pioneering action-adventure game, Beyond Good & Evil, in the most advanced way possible. The 20th Anniversary Edition brings a host of improvements, including performance enhancements up to 4k resolution at 60fps, and various quality-of-life updates such as autosave, cutscene skipping, full controller and keyboard & mouse support, and cross-save across all platforms.

New Features and Content

In addition to these technical upgrades, the anniversary edition introduces a brand-new Speedrun Mode, challenging players to complete the game as quickly as possible. Over 20 new achievements have been added, offering fresh objectives for veteran and new players alike. An Anniversary Gallery will also be included, providing a deep dive into the game's development history with never-before-seen artworks, videos, and much more.

Special Missions and Collector Edition

Ubisoft has crafted a special mission for this edition, allowing players to explore more about Jade's past and earn exclusive cosmetic rewards. This new content will reveal narrative connections to the upcoming Beyond Good & Evil 2, showcasing Ubisoft's ongoing dedication to the franchise.

Limited Run Games has also revealed its involvement in producing the physical edition of the game. They will be releasing a Collector Edition, with pre-orders starting on July 12th. This edition promises to be a must-have for collectors and fans of the series, featuring exclusive items that commemorate the game's 20-year legacy.

Celebrating 20 Years of Beyond Good & Evil

The Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition not only revitalizes a classic game with modern enhancements but also enriches the experience with new content and deeper insights into the game's world and development. As the release date approaches, fans can look forward to exploring Hillys in unprecedented detail, uncovering new challenges, and celebrating the enduring impact of this iconic franchise.

Mark your calendars for June 25th and get ready to pre-order the Collector Edition on July 12th to join the celebration of 20 years of Beyond Good & Evil.

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