Play Underground Games! Emerges Victorious in Ubisoft Indie Series 2024

In a resounding celebration of creativity, diversity, and innovation, Play Underground Games! (PUG!) has clinched the Grand Prize in the prestigious 2024 Ubisoft Indie Series in Ontario, presented by National Bank. The Toronto-based studio, comprised of a collaborative crew of friends, secured the coveted $50,000 Grand Prize with their inaugural project, marking a remarkable feat in the competitive indie gaming world.

PUG!'s winning entry captivated judges with its compelling narrative and strong visual identity, a testament to the studio's dedication to crafting meaningful experiences. Funké Joseph, a representative of PUG!, expressed heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging the supportive gaming community that contributed to their success. Their journey, spanning a mere four months, exemplifies the power of collaboration and mentorship in nurturing emerging talent.

Play Underground Games

What sets PUG? Apart from triumph in the Indie Series,r there is also a wavering commitment to amplifying marginalized voices within the gaming industry. They are composed entirely of up-and-coming LGBTQ+ and BIPOC creators, PUG! Strives to create art that resonates deeply with their communities. Their belief in games as an artful and meaningful medium drives their mission to inspire and uplift fellow creators, advocating for self-publishing as a powerful tool for artistic expression.

Joining PUG! in the spotlight is 13 AM Games, recipient of the National Bank Special Prize and a testament to the studio's prowess in crafting stylish action and multiplayer experiences. With titles like Runbow, Double Cross, and Dawn of the Monsters under their belt, 13 AM Games represents a diverse tapestry of talent spanning various disciplines, from creative advertising to programming. Their dedication to creating games that are as enjoyable to play as they are to make underscores the ethos of the indie gaming community.

13AM Games

The Ubisoft Indie Series, a beacon of support for creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship in the video game industry, is a vital platform for emerging studios to showcase their talents. The expertise of the jury, comprised of Ubisoft experts spanning game design, narrative, accessibility, programming, art, and marketing, ensures a fair and rigorous evaluation process.

Andy Schmoll, Jury Chair and Game Director at Ubisoft Toronto, commended the finalists' exceptional creativity, innovation, and dedication, echoing pride and admiration for their contributions to the vibrant gaming ecosystem.

Matthew Persram, Director of Creative Industries at National Bank, emphasized the bank's commitment to nurturing early-stage projects and supporting grassroots initiatives within the gaming community. Through mentorship, expertise, and funding, National Bank aims to empower aspiring developers to realize their creative visions and propel the industry forward.

The Ubisoft Indie Series, an integral component of the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs program, underscores the company's dedication to fostering local talent in the technology and entertainment industries. Ubisoft continues to champion the growth and prosperity of Ontario's burgeoning gaming ecosystem by providing mentorship, grants, and funding opportunities.

As PUG! basks in the glory of their victory and 13 AM Games embraces their well-deserved recognition, the 2024 Ubisoft Indie Series stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of indie gaming. Each success story pushes the boundaries of creativity further, paving the way for a future where diversity and innovation reign supreme.