Unwrapping Terror: The Outlast Trials' Frosty Festive Update, 'Winter Kills'

Unwrapping Terror: The Outlast Trials' Frosty Festive Update, 'Winter Kills'

'Tis the season for holiday cheer and a touch of horror as The Outlast Trials unveils its chillingly festive update, 'Winter Kills,' just in time for Christmas. Brace yourselves for a spine-tingling experience as the game transforms into a winter wonderland of terror, complete with two new Courthouse Mini-Trials and an array of holiday-themed features that will send shivers down your spine.

New Horrors in the Courthouse:

Dive into the heart of darkness with two brand-new Courthouse Mini-Trials that promise to test your survival instincts like never before. Shrouded in mystery, these trials await daring players ready to unravel the secrets hidden within the icy corridors of terror.

Limited-Time Holiday Extravaganza:

Players can immerse themselves in the Winter Kills Christmas program from December 12, 2023, to January 5, 2024. The Outlast Trials' environment undergoes a festive makeover, featuring a Sleep Room adorned with chilling Christmas decorations and an accompanying holiday soundtrack that amplifies the eeriness of the atmosphere.

Deck the Halls with Christmas Cosmetics:

Embrace the season's spirit with Christmas Cosmetics that allow players to customize their characters in holiday-themed attire. From festive sweaters to Santa hats, your in-game avatar can partake in the yuletide horror with style.

A 'Cold Snap' of Horror:

As if the holiday season wasn't frightening enough, the Winter Kills update introduces a new feature known as 'Cold Snap.' Watch in horror as characters freeze into icicles if caught without a hiding spot. It's a frosty twist that adds a new layer of suspense to an already heart-pounding experience.

Participate in the Snowy Scares:

The Outlast Trials' Winter Kills update invites players to a time-limited event filled with snowy scares and festive frights. Immerse yourself in the unique holiday-themed challenges that promise to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the winter.

This Christmas, The Outlast Trials invites players to embrace the festive fear with its 'Winter Kills' update. With new Courthouse Mini-Trials, chilling holiday decorations, Christmas Cosmetics, and the bone-chilling 'Cold Snap' feature, there's no better way to celebrate the holidays than by experiencing the horrors of the season in true Outlast style. So, bundle up, gather your courage, and prepare for a winter full of terror in The Outlast Trials!