Valorborn Academy Awaits: Enroll in Necromantic's Dark Fantasy Bullet Heaven!

Blinkmoon is excited to present Valorborn Academy, a unique fusion of dark fantasy and bullet heaven gameplay in Necromantic. Step into a world where the mundane school life is left behind, replaced by a thrilling curriculum of evading death, courting danger, and captivating enigmatic classmates. Get ready to annihilate swarms of monsters on PC via Steam later this year, with a fast-paced survivors-like gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Embark on your journey as a fresh-faced freshman at Valorborn Academy, where you'll balance your academic pursuits during the day and strive to impress your peers at night. Armed with a diverse arsenal of weapons and abilities, you'll fuel your thirst for action and carve your path to popularity (and perhaps win the heart of your crush) by surviving the night. Each adventure will make you stronger and better prepared for the next, whether it's a battle for survival or a quest for love.

In Necromantic, hitting the books pays off. Utilize your combat prowess to earn various textbooks during nighttime excursions. Back at Valorborn, test your wits and intellect as you navigate relationships with fellow students—especially those who covet the tomes you've collected.

Keep your grades up to avoid becoming a feast for the undead hordes that roam Kathedril, the eerie town beneath Valorborn Academy. These undead monstrosities, resurrected by the dark magic-wielding cool kids, will push your skills and courage to the limit. Venture out at night to impress your peers, but be wary of the unearthly horrors that lurk in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Dive into this rich, dark fantasy world solo or in Blind Date co-op mode, and help these freshmen survive the semester against impossible odds.

Key Features:

  • Bullet Heaven Battleground: Master survival against overwhelming odds in a beautifully dark world.
  • Grow in Infamy: Begin as lowly first-year students and impress legendary parents by mastering your curriculum.
  • Cooperation or Solo Prowess: Complete assignments in Kathedril independently or with a random player.
  • Hit the Books, Hit Them Hard: Unlock powerful weapons and abilities by studying, enabling new build strategies.

Prepare to enroll in Necromantic, launching into Early Access on PC via Steam this year. Wishlist the game on Steam now to secure your spot at Valorborn Academy! For updates and a sneak peek into academic and survival woes, follow Blinkmoon on TwitterInstagramTikTok, and join fellow classmates on Discord.

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