PAX East: Big Warframe Updates & Soulframe Sneak Peek

PAX East witnessed Digital Extremes' electrifying unveiling of significant updates for Warframe and a captivating sneak peek into the realm of Soulframe.

Marking its 11th anniversary, Warframe kicked off with a bang at PAX East. Players can now immerse themselves in eight weeks of Alert missions, brimming with enticing rewards, including a complimentary Dex Nikana for all Warframe devotees starting March 27th.

Taking center stage was a special Devstream live from PAX East, treating attendees to an exclusive peek into the gritty realm of Warframe: 1999. This unveiling featured a captivating glimpse of the upcoming cinematic quest, Jade Shadows, poised to untangle the enigmatic tales surrounding the figure known as Jade and the notorious Stalker.

Digital Extremes also dazzled the audience with a captivating trailer for its highly anticipated fantasy RPG, Soulframe, igniting fervent anticipation among fans eager to embark on this epic adventure.

Rebecca Ford, Creative Director of Warframe, expressed her gratitude to the vibrant community, promising a year filled with thrilling new content and surprises. "We've got a year packed with new content and plenty of surprises. See you at TennoCon!"

Geoff Crookes, Creative Director of Soulframe, shared insights into the game's development progress and hinted at future opportunities for players to experience the magic firsthand. "Our learnings are continuing to influence our overall development. The public can look forward to more opportunities to go hands-on with the game, hopefully later this year…"

Highlights from Digital Extremes' PAX East Devstream included:

  • Jade Shadows: A captivating cinematic quest set to launch this year, offering players an immersive journey into the lore of Warframe with the introduction of the celestial 57th Warframe, Jade.
  • Warframe: 1999: Actor Ben Starr joined the live stream to unveil a thrilling new cinematic, giving players a tantalizing glimpse into the narrative depth of Warframe's most ambitious chapter yet.
  • TennoCon 2024: Set to return to RBC Place in London, Ontario, on July 19-20, 2024, TennoCon promises an unforgettable experience for fans of Warframe. Tickets go on sale Thursday, March 28, 2024, with digital offerings available for those unable to attend in person.
  • Protea Prime Access: Prepare to wield the power of Protea Prime and her arsenal of advanced technology, including new Prime tech weapons and abilities that manipulate temporal forces with finesse.

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