Warframe Unveils Whispers in the Walls at The Game Awards with Release Date and Star-Studded Cast

In a dazzling spectacle at The Game Awards, Digital Extremes took center stage with the world premiere of Warframe's upcoming cinematic quest, "Whispers in the Walls." The release date trailer, unveiled during the prestigious event, sent ripples through the gaming community, setting the stage for a narrative revolution in the beloved title.

Whispers in the Walls Unveiled: A Turning Point for Warframe

Scheduled to hit all platforms on December 13, "Whispers in the Walls" marks a pivotal moment in Warframe's storytelling journey. The cinematic quest promises a fresh narrative arc, introducing new characters and delving into darker mysteries that will captivate players for years. The release date trailer, a core-rattling experience, sets the tone for an immersive adventure.

A Star-Studded Addition to Warframe's Universe

Adding to the excitement, award-winning actors Neil Newbon (Baldur's Gate 3) and Ben Starr (Final Fantasy XVI) are set to join the Warframe family with roles in "Whispers in the Walls." In particular, Ben Starr will return in the future Warframe installment, "Warframe 1999." Their inclusion hints at the calibre of talent woven into the fabric of Warframe's evolving narrative.

Unveiling The Man in the Wall's Secrets

The enigmatic antagonist, The Man in the Wall, takes center stage in "Whispers in the Walls." Players will venture into the heart of Albrecht Entrati's secret lab, witnessing a clash of ambitions and power between Entrati and The Man in the Wall. A new enemy faction, ominously named The Murmur and created by The Man in the Wall, adds an extra layer of challenge to the game.

Decoding Entrati's History: The Cursed Grimoire Tome

As players navigate the crossfire between god-like beings, a new weapon type emerges – Entrati's cursed Grimoire tome. Infused with deadly Void powers and adorned with impossible imagery, this weapon is critical to decoding Entrati's personal history and master plan.

Cross-Platform Save and More Exciting Features

Responding to player demands, "Whispers in the Walls" brings one of Warframe's most requested features - Cross Platform Save. Rolling out to 75+ million players in waves, this feature is expected to be accessible to all by the end of the year. Additional features include a secret ally, Syndicate, the introduction of the 55th Warframe Qorvex, and a post-launch update featuring a new Clan Operation: Gargoyle's Cry.

Rebecca Ford, Creative Director for Warframe, expressed the team's excitement: "We're beyond excited to start this next chapter of Warframe with Whispers in the Walls on December 13!" The stage is set for a thrilling chapter in Warframe's decade-long legacy, inviting players to unravel mysteries, face new challenges, and experience the next evolution of this beloved game. Get ready to answer the "Whispers in the Walls" – December 13 is just around the corner.

For more information on Whispers in the Walls and Warframe’s future, please visit https://www.warframe.com/whispers-in-the-walls