Warframe's "Abyss of Dagath" Update Haunts Players on Oct. 18 - Devstream Delivers Chills and Thrills!

Warframe's "Abyss of Dagath" Update Haunts Players on Oct. 18 - Devstream Delivers Chills and Thrills!

Hold onto your Warframes, because Digital Extremes has unleashed spine-tingling details about the upcoming Abyss of Dagath update in their Devstream. The Warframe team dished out a smorgasbord of juicy tidbits, including exciting content additions and game-enhancing quality-of-life improvements that'll make you want to jump into your exosuit faster than you can say "Soulframe."

The Soulframe team joined the party, bearing a special surprise to show their appreciation for the Warframe community's boundless love and support. As a token of gratitude for the fan art, kind words, and overall awesomeness, they've released the full "Rivers Of Dendria" music track, featured during the Torment Stag boss fight, on the official Soulframe YouTube channel. Plus, they've rolled out a swanky new Discord server for all you eager Tenno out there.

Highlights from the Spooky Stream:

  1. Prepare to be haunted by the legendary headless horsewoman, Dagath, Warframe number 54! She wields the spine-tingling Dorrclave, a deadly sword/whip combo. Dagath can summon spectral sickles, unleash cursed energy from her eerie, faceless noggin, defend against spectral realm damage, and summon the otherworldly Rakhali’s Cavalry to trample enemies to smithereens.
  2. Grendel Warframe is getting the Prime treatment in this update! Armed with additional gear slots and a rare Prime tech weapon, Grendel Prime has worked up quite the appetite. Enemies, beware! Every stomach growl means doom.
  3. Say goodbye to your companion's untimely demise! In a much-requested change, your trusty sidekick will now only get knocked out when their health hits rock bottom. Plus, there's a bundle of new mods and a revamped healing system, boosting your companion's survivability by a whopping 50%.
  4. As promised at TennoCon 2023, Hydroid Warframe is getting a makeover with new passives, status effect triggers, and a fresh ability, Plunder, which steals enemy armor and converts it into corrosive damage.

In addition, two exciting community events are already underway this month: Quest to Conquer Cancer and the Nights of Naberus Halloween celebration.

Quest to Conquer Cancer aims to raise funds for The Princess Margaret and offers rewards, including the Conquera Leg Ribbon, once the campaign hits the $100k mark.

Rebecca Ford, Creative Director, said, "The Warframe community is so supportive of the causes we work with, and the foundation has been no exception. As a creative team, we like finding ways to make a difference in the real world through what we do in-game."

Meanwhile, Nights of Naberus brings back the spooky season with a plethora of bat-themed cosmetics, masks, armors, skins, and a brand-new Naberus Lotus skin.

Rebecca Ford added, "Naberus is always a great time of year for Warframe. We have our holiday-themed 54th Warframe, more lore, tons of activities, and quality of life improvements - not to mention the launch of Grendel’s Prime - no tricks, only treats!"

For more spine-chilling information and patch notes on all the Abyss of Dagath Update thrills coming on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023, hop over to Warframe's official website.

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