Warframe's Dante Unbound Update

Warframe's Dante Unbound Update

Warframe's latest update, Dante Unbound, will transform the game's universe on Wednesday, March 27, 2024. This update introduces a new Warframe, Dante, alongside fresh enemies, weapons, and mission types. Additionally, the community-made cosmetic program TennoGen makes a return, offering players new customization options.

Dante, the master of reality's pages, brings a unique playstyle to Warframe. Players can cast Light or Dark Verses to increase allies' max health or inflict Slash Damage on nearby enemies. Inspired by classic MMO casters, the pattern of abilities changes the spell combo's ultimate finishing ability, the Final Verse.

Dante's backstory is shrouded in mystery. Once an academic confidant to the legendary Entrati family, he became obsessed with pursuing knowledge. After encountering an artifact known as The Book, his mind was infected with "wrongtongued words," leading to his disappearance until now.

The update also introduces the Deep Archimedea mission type, a challenging amalgamation of three existing mission types that must be played in succession, with no breaks, and changes weekly. Players will also encounter the Gruzzling, a new enemy faction member full of loot and tricks to protect its gear hoard.

Players can earn new Incarnon weapon rewards, including the melee fist weapon Ruvox and the arm cannon Onos. Additionally, Warframe Inaros has been reworked with a more engaging passive ability, guaranteed status effect triggers, and overall changes to his base ability kit.

The TennoGen program returns with six new cosmetic skin designs for deluxe Warframes, swords, ships, and more, offering players even more customization options.

For more information and patch notes on the Dante Unbound Update, tune into the Devstream on Friday, March 22, on either the PAX or Warframe Twitch channels. Prepare to embark on a new chapter in the Warframe universe as the pages of reality are rewritten with the Dante Unbound Update.