Warframe's "Jade Shadows" Update: Illuminating the Darkness

Warframe's next cinematic update, "Jade Shadows," is set to lift the veil of mystery surrounding a beloved character in a brand new single-player quest on June 18, available for free across all current platforms. In the latest Devstream, Digital Extremes delved deep into this highly anticipated update, revealing exciting details about the 57th Warframe, Jade, a new mission type, a clan operation, and much more.

“This marks our last Devstream until TennoCon, so we tried to pack it with as many goodies as we could to chew on until then," said Megan Everett, Community Director. "The team has been looking forward to finally telling the Stalker’s story. We’ve also never made a Warframe like Jade before, we’re all stoked! So stay hungry Tenno, we are cooking some really tasty treats for everyone with Jade Shadows and beyond. Sometimes it's a detour from the main story, sometimes it's all connected, we intend to keep everyone on their toes for the rest of the year."

Shedding Light on the Stalker

"Jade Shadows" will explore the enigmatic story of the Stalker, one of Warframe’s most cryptic characters, in a compelling new narrative quest. Players will gain new insights and knowledge, eventually embodying the 57th Warframe, Jade. Inspired by angelic choirs, Jade acts as a support-type character, singing buffing solos that offer extra damage, shield regeneration, enemy slowdowns, and healing light. Her ultimate ability allows her to take to the skies, delivering divine intervention to her foes.

New Mission: Ascension

The Devstream also showcased footage of the new vertical mission type, Ascension. Players must escape the bottom layer of an enemy base by hijacking a colossal elevator, fighting off waves of enemies, and stealing power cells to keep the lift rising. Acting as an epilogue to the quest, the new Clan Operation: Belly of the Beast sends players back into the enemy base’s depths. Gather your clanmates to accomplish objectives and thwart the Corpus faction’s latest experiments, unlocking stylish new energy aura Ephemeras once community goals are met.

TennoCon 2024: A Celebration of Warframe and Beyond

Ahead of TennoCon 2024, the third entry in the Heirloom line of cosmetics was teased for Warframe Ember, set to launch on July 20. Marketplace pricing changes and the reveal of the fourth Heirloom skin at the show was also detailed. "Jade Shadows" will bring a deluxe skin for Warframe Yareli and various quality-of-life improvements, including Necramech acquisition, enemy power scaling, and UI fashion recommendations.

TennoCon 2024’s full two-day schedule promises to be packed with excitement. Day One features a 1999-themed TennoVIP celebration with guest DJ iHearCanvas, karaoke, and more. Day Two offers new activities like Crack-A-Relic pin trading, dedicated panels with major announcements and insights into Warframe’s art and sound design, and the first-ever dedicated Soulframe Devstream on July 20.

Tune In Live

All main stage panels, including Soulframe’s, will be live-streamed worldwide on the official Warframe YouTube and Twitch channels. Visit the official event site for the full TennoCon 2024 schedule: TennoCon 2024.

For more information and future patch notes, visit the official Jade Shadows webpage or follow Warframe on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. To stay updated on Soulframe, visit the official website or follow on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Prepare yourselves, Tenno, for an adventure that will not only expand the Warframe universe but also challenge and enthrall you like never before. The shadows are lifting, and the light of Jade is about to shine brightly.