Warframe's Whispers in the Walls: A Cinematic Quest Extravaganza with New Gameplay and Cross Platform Save

In a burst of excitement, Digital Extremes unveiled thrilling gameplay and eerie details surrounding Warframe's upcoming Cinematic Quest, Whispers in the Walls, during their 175th monthly Devstream yesterday. Promising to address decade-old mysteries and questions, this December-bound Cinematic Update introduces a plethora of exciting features, including a new enemy faction, the Grimoire book weapon class, a player hub called The Sanctum, a revamped heavy attack system, and the game's 55th Warframe, Qorvex, among other surprises.

Rebecca Ford, the Creative Director, emphasized the significance of storytelling in Warframe, stating, "Our most memorable experiences as a team, and with our community, have centered around building this incredible world and taking big risks to continuously push ourselves creatively."

Players are invited to delve into the heart of Warframe's origin, exploring the lab of Albrecht Entrati, a mysterious figure shrouded in allure for the past decade. The narrative unfolds as players navigate the conflict between the Entrati and the enigmatic "Man in the Wall," facing off against a new enemy type, the Murmur, with limbs and geometry beyond imagination.

The update introduces a new never-before-seen secondary weapon, the Grimoire, unleashing the true power of the Void. Players can disperse eldritch blasts from the swirling pages of this mysterious tome, revealing more about its origins and Entrati's master plan across two new mission types, Alchemy and Netracells, and a fresh Assassination mission.

The exploration expands into The Sanctum, a new hub zone, where players will encounter new friendly faces like Loid. Additionally, a detailed environmental tileset awaits within the depths of the Entrati Labs and a vast and surreal world beyond the walls.

Upon completing Whispers in the Walls, players unlock the new power of Tennokai, experiencing Melee Heavy Attack moments free of cost. This innovative feature rewards players with a random Heavy Attack while maintaining the Combo number, enhancing the combat flow.

The 55th Warframe, Qorvex, reveals itself as another of the Entrati's Void projects, boasting deadly radiation Status ailments and unique abilities. Players can also anticipate a new Deluxe Skin for Sevagoth and the stylish Gauss Prime form launching in January.

Excitement builds as the Cross-Platform Save feature begins rolling out with the Whispers in the Walls update in December. Digital Extremes plans to maintain transparency with the community throughout the phased rollout, ensuring all Warframe players on all platforms have access to Cross Platform Save by the end of 2023.

To catch exclusive reveals and stage appearances from Warframe's Creative Director Rebecca Ford and Director of Community Megan Everett, tune into The Game Awards on December 7. For more information on Whispers in the Walls and Warframe's future, visit the Warframe website.