Why Canada's Gaming Scene Deserves the Spotlight

Why Canada's Gaming Scene Deserves the Spotlight

Canada's gaming industry has been quietly but steadily making waves on the global stage. With events like Summer Game Fest showcasing many Canadian Studios and Creators or XP Game Summit showcasing the best of what Canadian developers have to offer, it's clear that the Great White North needs the spotlight within the world of gaming.

One of the hallmarks of Canadian games is their innovation and creativity. Take, for example, "All Systems Dance" by Toronto's Mighty Yell. This game flips the script on the typical dystopian narrative by using the power of dance to lead a revolution. It's this kind of fresh and unique approach to storytelling that sets Canadian games apart from the rest.

Another reason to celebrate Canada's gaming scene is its commitment to diverse representation. "Assassin’s Creed Shadows" by Ubisoft Quebec is a prime example of this. Set in feudal Japan, the game features characters like Yasuke, an African samurai, and Naoe, a shinobi, offering players a diverse cast of characters to explore and engage with. The Xbox Showcase closed out with a bang as Gears of War E-Day was revealed, many of you probably didn't know it was created by Vancouver’s The Coalition.

The gaming industry in Canada isn't just about creating fun and immersive experiences. It's also a significant contributor to the economy, generating over $4.5 billion in GDP annually and employing over 48,000 people. Supporting Canadian games means supporting local economies and job growth.

The Canadian gaming community is known for its tight-knit and supportive nature. Events like the XP Game Summit provide a platform for developers to connect, share ideas, and collaborate, fostering a thriving community that benefits all involved. XP Summit gives those a chance to pitch for funding and provide industry tips and resources. I would love to see XP Summit open to more on the consumer side, that way developers can use the skills they learn and practice with the market. Outersloth is doing its part by helping fund indie games, with their latest announcement from Summer Game Fest.

Canada is also home to developers who are pushing the boundaries of what games can be. "Eternal Strands" from Quebec City's Yellow Brick Games, led by former BioWare creative director Mike Laidlaw, is a perfect example of this. The game blends elements of popular games like "Breath of the Wild" and "Shadow of the Colossus," showcasing Canada's role in pioneering new gaming experiences. South of Midnight, is a brand-new action-adventure title from Montreal’s Compulsion.

Canada's gaming scene is a vibrant and innovative community that deserves recognition and support. By celebrating and supporting Canadian games and creators, we not only acknowledge their significant contributions to the global gaming industry but also encourage continued growth and innovation within the community. So, let's raise a glass to Canada's gaming scene and all the amazing things it has in store for us in the future. Cheers!

Source: Mobilesyrup