Yellow Brick Games Takes the Self-Publishing Route

Yellow Brick Games, a new independent game studio founded by industry veterans from AAA backgrounds, has boldly announced that it is transitioning to self-publishing. This decision marks a significant shift for the studio, which has quietly developed its first title, a fantasy Action-Adventure game, for over four years. The game, created by a team of 68 developers, will be released in 2025.

To kick off their new direction, Yellow Brick Games shared a short teaser of their upcoming title on social media. A full unveiling is planned for April 2nd. Additionally, the studio has secured an IGN First takeover for April, promising to reveal many more details about their highly anticipated project.

Mike Laidlaw, Chief Creative Officer at Yellow Brick Games, expressed his excitement about the transition to self-publishing, calling it a "leap of faith" and an opportunity to connect directly with players and the gaming community. He emphasized the team's hard work over the years and the milestone this release represents for the studio.

Thomas Giroux, Co-founder and CEO of Yellow Brick Games echoed Laidlaw's sentiments, highlighting the positive impact of self-publishing on the studio's ambitions. He emphasized that the game's scope and player experience remain unchanged, with the team focused on delivering a cutting-edge and refined gaming experience.

The transition to self-publishing marks a new chapter for Yellow Brick Games, allowing them to chart their path and build a strong bond with their community. With their debut project unveiled soon, the studio is poised to make a lasting impact in independent gaming.