Anarchitects Unleashed on Meta Quest: Dive into a Free-to-Play VR Creative Universe!

Squido Studio's new VR sensation, Anarchitects, is now available in Early Access on Meta Quest! This free-to-play sandbox game is not just about creativity but collaboration in a dynamic physics-based world. Players can immerse themselves in a rich interactive universe, building, playing, and sharing nearly 200 unique items, whether solo or with up to 10 friends in real-time, fostering a vibrant and connected community.

Explore the chaos and creativity of Anarchitects in this official gameplay trailer!

Anarchitects empowers players to design mini-games and socialize effortlessly without any coding skills required. With user-friendly creative tools and a drag-and-drop system, you can adjust gravity, manipulate physical elements, and craft simulations within minutes. Seamlessly transition between game modes and building projects, ensuring uninterrupted play and endless creativity.

Discover a dynamic physics-based interaction system with Celestials and their quirky counterparts, Dummies, enhancing the overall experience by enabling simultaneous building and playing. Enjoy movement freedom with various control options, including No More Rainbows and Gorilla Tag-styled movement systems, joystick movement, or a combination of both!

Stay engaged with regular updates organized into themed seasons, introducing new objects and features to keep the game fresh. While Anarchitects is free-to-play, additional cosmetic items are available for purchase, offering over 300 combinations to personalize your experience. Watch for upcoming updates, including a Medieval-themed season with swordplay, shields, and more!

Embark on your creative journey now on Meta Quest. Watch the gameplay trailer, experience the game firsthand, and let your imagination soar in this innovative VR sandbox universe!

A Community-Driven Experience

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