Generation Exile: A Journey of Survival and Rebuilding

Generation Exile: A Journey of Survival and Rebuilding

Generation Exile places you aboard humanity’s first and final generation ship, a last-chance expedition now teetering on the brink of collapse. In this turn-based city-builder, your task is to rebuild society and the ship’s fragile ecosystems using only the limited resources you brought with you. As you navigate this precarious environment, you’ll face the challenge of maintaining balance and ensuring the survival of your populace throughout the ship's multi-generational journey.

Unique Gameplay: Unlike traditional city-builders that rely on the continuous extraction of natural resources, Generation Exile requires players to make do with what they have from the start. This unique mechanic challenges you to be resourceful and strategic in managing your limited supplies.

Procedurally Generated Characters and Storylines: Each journey spans several hundred years, with procedurally generated characters and storylines ensuring that every playthrough is a unique experience. Your decisions will shape the fate of your society and the future of the generation ship.

Rebuilding Ecosystems: Restoring the ship’s ecosystems is critical to survival. You’ll need to carefully manage your resources to maintain the delicate balance required for a sustainable environment.

About the Developer

Sonderlust Studios is dedicated to crafting rich and compelling game experiences. The team boasts a diverse pedigree in both game design and narrative storytelling, with experience in acclaimed titles such as Firewatch, Gone Home, Tacoma, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Far Cry 5+6. This breadth of expertise allows them to push the boundaries of genre expectations, meticulously craft gameplay and narrative systems, and create visually stunning worlds.