Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek of the Artistic Exploration Game "Été" in its Steam Next Fest Demo

Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek of the Artistic Exploration Game "Été" in its Steam Next Fest Demo

Impossible is thrilled to announce the availability of the first public demo of "Été" just in time for its showcase at Steam Next Fest: October 2023 Edition!

Embark on an immersive journey through the charming city of Montreal as you step into the shoes of a budding artist. In this demo, players will experience the game's opening moments as they move into their Montreal apartment. Explore the vibrant nearby marketplace, mingle with the friendly locals, and embark on artistic endeavors to pay rent and adorn your living space.

"Été" encourages players to embrace their own rhythm, allowing them to take the time to create beautiful artwork, embellish their apartment with furniture and the art they produce during the summer, and bask in the game's exquisite watercolor aesthetics in this tranquil and imaginative exploration game.

About Été
Pronounced as /ay·tay/ (French for "summer"), "Été" is a tranquil painting game that seamlessly blends elements of exploration, creativity, and storytelling. Assume the role of an aspiring painter who embarks on a summer journey to Montreal. With your paintbrush, infuse life and color into the cityscape, capturing its everyday wonders on your canvas. Forge meaningful connections with locals by fulfilling their inspiring art requests or curate an original exhibition in your personal art studio.

Key Features:

  • Painting: Utilize breathtaking watercolors to transform the 3D world and unveil its hidden splendors.
  • Exploration: Roam freely through Montreal's neighborhoods, unlocking new areas as your journey unfolds.
  • Album: Chronicle your artistic journey by collecting stamps in your album as you paint new discoveries.
  • Canvas: Craft artworks with boundless creativity by assembling stamp compositions on your canvas.
  • Commissions: Cultivate friendships with locals by fulfilling their inspirational art requests.
  • Decoration: Personalize your apartment and studio using a versatile decoration system.
  • Relaxing: Embrace a stress-free experience with no failures or time constraints; savor "Été" at your own pace.

Discover "Été" on Steam.

About Impossible

Impossible is a dynamic indie studio based in Montreal, known for their commitment to creating engaging interactive experiences that are both daring and accessible. Founded in 2016 by Lazlo Bonin, the mastermind behind acclaimed Unity tools like Bolt and Chronos, the team now consists of ten devoted developers and has received support from the Canada Media Fund for their debut collaborative title, "Été."