Incendium Collaborates with UNIQLO Canada for their Latest UT Collection

Incendium has joined forces with UNIQLO Canada to promote the latest UT Collection - Fighting Game Legends line, featuring iconic titles like Street Fighter and TEKKEN.

For Incendium, this partnership marks a significant milestone as they were allowed to co-direct their first-ever photo shoot with UNIQLO Canada. Mack Kalish captured all campaign photos to support the recent UNIQLO Canada's UT Collection - Fighting Game Legends launch.

The collaboration between Incendium and UNIQLO Canada focused on creating a collection that captures the essence of these two legendary video games, known for pushing the boundaries of the fighting game genre and captivating the fighting game community (FGC).

Roshawn May, Director of Operations from Incendium Gaming, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration, stating, "It was an honour for us to be able to collaborate with UNIQLO Canada, not just with their usual UT line of work, but with one that caters directly to something that means a lot to me... Fighting Games."

The goal of the collaboration was to bring a grounded look and feel to the collection, aiming to resonate with the FGC. UNIQLO Canada trusted Incendium with the selection of models, allowing them to showcase individuals from the community in a way that goes beyond the typical representation of gamers.

"Our goal with this shoot was to showcase people from this community that they can be represented in other forms of media, outside of just pressing buttons, while showcasing the history of these two legendary titles from the vast array of previous titles into their current iterations," added Roshawn May.

The UT Collection - Fighting Game Legends is a tribute to the history and impact of Street Fighter and TEKKEN, offering fans a unique and stylish way to celebrate their love for these iconic franchises.

For more information about the UT Collection - Fighting Game Legends, visit UNIQLO Canada's website.

Check out their social post for the announcement and giveaway that is starting February 14th, 2024- March 14th, 2024