Paidia Presents La Soirée - Montréal & The Mixer - Toronto: Celebrating Women in Gaming on International Day for Tolerance

The International Day for Tolerance, observed annually on November 16th, holds great significance in a world marked by diversity and differences. It serves as a reminder of the importance of tolerance in promoting peace, understanding, and cooperation among various cultures and societies. This year, on November 16th, Paidia Gaming and ALESSE have teamed up to celebrate Women in Gaming and to promote tolerance within the gaming community, bringing together passionate gamers in Montréal and Toronto for a special event.

The gaming industry is a vast and diverse landscape where players come from all walks of life. Women make up nearly half of the global gaming community, yet they often face toxicity, exclusion, and a lack of acceptance within their gaming communities. To address this issue and close the gender equity gap, Paidia Gaming was founded to provide a safe space for women gamers to connect, learn, and play. Their initiatives encourage all gamers to be supportive, inclusive, and kind, promoting a positive gaming environment where everyone can enjoy the wonderful gaming world as it was meant to be.

ALESSE, a strong advocate for improving the lives of women and young adults, is joining forces with Paidia Gaming to create a series of events that celebrate women in gaming and highlight the power of positive play. Together, they aim to foster an environment where gamers of all backgrounds and genders can unite.

On November 16th, International Day for Tolerance, gamers and allies are invited to join the celebration in Montréal and Toronto. These events will bring together diverse gaming communities, both in-person and online, to discuss and appreciate the contributions of women in gaming.

La Soirée - Montréal

  • Date: November 16th
  • Time: 6:00pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time
  • Venue: MTL Gaming Centre
  • Address: 1059 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2Z 1J6
  • French Livestream Channel:
  • Talent:

The Mixer - Toronto

Both locations will host discussion panels on Women in Gaming, featuring an incredible lineup of special guests. Following these discussions, attendees can witness creative gameplay with panel guests from both locations coming together to play Palia, a cooperative video game. This experience embodies the spirit of unity and collaboration, promoting positive gaming experiences for all.

Gamers, allies, and all those who appreciate the positive impact of diversity in gaming are encouraged to join the celebration. For those unable to attend in person, the events will be live-streamed on Twitch. Montréal's live stream will be broadcast in French to cater to a diverse audience.

Entry to these events is free, but each location has limited tickets. Make sure to secure your spot via the provided ticket links. Additionally, show your support and enthusiasm by tagging PaidiaGaming on social media. If you're a fan of Palia, consider joining the Paidia Discord, where they host Community Game Nights.

Paidia Gaming and ALESSE are leading the charge to celebrate Women in Gaming and promote tolerance within the gaming community on the International Day for Tolerance. These events represent a step towards a more inclusive and positive gaming world by providing a platform for diverse gamers and allies to come together, discuss important issues, and enjoy creative gameplay. Join the celebration on November 16th and be part of the movement to make gaming a more welcoming space for all.

Tickets for Montreal

Tickets for Toronto