Introducing Rack and Slay: A Bouncy Adventure Awaits in the World of Billiard Ball Mayhem!

Embark on a thrilling journey with Rack and Slay, a roguelike dungeon crawler that turns you into a lively billiard ball. Imagine the joy of strategically nudging monster balls into cleverly designed holes or traps in dynamically generated levels.

Dive into a vast selection of items with stackable and game-changing effects—Unearth unique combos to craft your synergies and personalize your play style. Brace yourself for short, sweet, and incredibly replayable runs!

Catch a glimpse of the excitement in the Reveal Trailer by Ludokultur, the mind behind WikiArena. And the dynamic publishing prowess of 2 Left Thumbs, renowned for unleashing roguelike gems like Dead Estate and Paper Planet.

Key Features:

  • Highly Replayable Roguelike: Brace yourself for endless adventures!
  • Turn-based, Billiards-like Gameplay: It's like playing pool with a twist!
  • Randomly Generated Dungeon Crawling: Every level is a fresh challenge!
  • 60 Items (100+ in the Full Game): Discover a treasure trove of game-changing gear!
  • 10 Difficulty Levels (with 20 Planned): Tailor the challenge to your liking!
  • Short 15-30 Minute Runs: Perfect for a quick gaming fix!


The team is setting its sights on a Q1 2024 release window, so mark your calendars for an epic billiard ball extravaganza.

Are you excited to dive into the action? Wishlist Rack and Slay on Steam today.