Celebrating Canadian Talent: The Game Awards 2023 Future Class Shines with Diverse Voices

In a nod to the gaming industry's future, The Game Awards 2023 Future Class introduces a roster of exceptional individuals, showcasing the diverse and innovative talent emerging from Canada. Representing "the bright, bold, and inclusive future of video games," this year's Future Class includes remarkable Canadians who have left an indelible mark on the global games landscape.

Abhi (Venba)

Among the standout talents is Abhi, a game designer hailing from Toronto. He made waves in the gaming world with the release of his debut game, "Venba," this year, earning acclaim for its innovative mechanics and intimate storytelling. Abhi's vision extends beyond personal success, as he aspires to witness a global array of games, each offering unique perspectives worldwide.

Atiya Nova

Atiya Nova, a User Researcher at Ubisoft Toronto, adds her distinctive voice to the Future Class. Credited with titles such as FC6, M+R: Sparks of Hope, and AC Mirage, Atiya's impact extends beyond the workplace. She contributed to the gaming landscape and released "You're Not Family," a game exploring familial conflicts. Atiya actively engages in philanthropy through "Extra Life," supporting children's hospitals and embodying a commitment to positive change.

Nuha Alkadi

Nuha Alkadi, a narrative designer from Toronto working at Respawn, brings her passion for storytelling to the Future Class. With contributions to Star Wars FPS, Jedi: Survivor, Far Cry 6, and more, Nuha promotes Arab and Muslim representation in the gaming world. She hopes for more opportunities to showcase these communities positively within the medium.

These Canadians selected for The Game Awards 2023 Future Class exemplify the rich tapestry of talent woven within the country's gaming landscape. As they continue to push boundaries, tell unique stories, and advocate for diversity and inclusion, their presence in the Future Class highlights their individual achievements. It underscores Canada's role in shaping the global future of video games.

In an industry that thrives on innovation and fresh perspectives, Abhi, Atiya Nova, and Nuha Alkadi represent the essence of the Future Class, embodying the values of creativity, inclusivity, and positive impact that will undoubtedly shape the gaming landscape for years to come. As we celebrate these outstanding Canadians, we eagerly anticipate the continued contributions of the entire Future Class in redefining the boundaries of what video games can achieve.