Ubisoft Toronto Announces Finalists for the 2024 Indie Series

In collaboration with National Bank, Ubisoft Toronto has unveiled the top five finalists for the 2024 Ubisoft Indie Series—an annual competition designed to empower independent game development studios. This prestigious competition offers substantial cash prizes and provides invaluable mentorship and creative and financial tools to propel local studios and their innovative games to new heights.

The Finalists:
The shortlist for this year's Indie Series comprises five outstanding studios:

  1. 13AM Games: Focused on stylish action and multiplayer games, 13AM Games has an impressive portfolio featuring titles like Runbow, Double Cross, and Dawn of the Monsters. Their diverse team, with backgrounds in creative advertising, civil engineering, film, writing, graphic design, and programming, is united by their passion for creating games that are as enjoyable to play as they are to make.
  2. Bloom Digital Media: An idealistic studio dedicated to crafting games for a hopeful and loving future, Bloom Digital Media explores transformative change through playful experiences centred around compassion, curiosity, and conversation. Their stories highlight the power of meaningful relationships in shaping more inclusive communities.
  3. Lithic Entertainment: An independent developer and publisher based in Toronto, Lithic Entertainment creates games for PCs and consoles, focusing on thoughtful design and broad, inclusive appeal. Their commitment to engaging audiences is evident in their approach to game development.
  4. Play Underground Games!: A newly-formed Toronto-based studio, Play Underground Games! is a collaborative effort by a group of friends with diverse skill sets. Comprising entirely of LGBTQ+ and BIPOC creators, the studio aims to create unforgettable games that resonate with their communities. They view games as a powerful and artful medium, emphasizing self-publishing and the importance of sharing unique stories.
  5. TITAN1STUDIOS: Established in 2016, TITAN1STUDIOS is an award-winning Cross-Media Content & Technology Studio specializing in Original IP. The studio embraces diversity and representation throughout the creative process, focusing on themes such as family, identity, mental health, and building a better tomorrow.

The Journey Ahead:
The finalists will be able to participate in a pitch session at Ubisoft Toronto on Thursday, Feb. 8, where a distinguished jury will evaluate their presentations. Two winners will be selected—the Grand Prize winner, who will receive a $50,000 cash prize, and the National Bank Special Prize winner, who will be awarded $25,000. Both studios will also gain access to essential creative and marketing tools, along with mentorship and financial guidance from Ubisoft and National Bank.

As the Indie Series competition progresses, these five studios stand at the forefront of innovation, bringing unique perspectives and creative visions to gaming. Ubisoft Toronto's commitment to supporting independent developers fosters the growth of these studios and contributes to the diversity and richness of the gaming industry as a whole. Stay tuned for the exciting developments as the Indie Series unfolds, shaping the future of independent game development. For more information, visit Ubisoft Toronto.