Unreal Engine Toronto #20 - The Realtime Animation Edition: A Night of Innovation and Insight

As the sun sets over Toronto, the vibrant world of Unreal Engine comes alive in a new location – Blood Brothers Brewing on Geary Avenue on Tuesday, November 28, 2023. Join the Unreal Engine & Friends meetup for an immersive experience at the Realtime Animation Edition, where the spotlight is on the revolutionary use of Unreal in real-time animation workflows. This event promises a dynamic evening of insights, demonstrations, and a sneak peek into the future of 3D animation.

New Location: Blood Brothers Brewing on Geary:

Mark your calendars for this exciting gathering at the recently knighted Blood Brothers Brewing, located at 165 Geary Ave. The newly renovated main room of the brewery will host the event, setting the stage for an evening of collaboration and inspiration.

Event Schedule:

The doors swing open at 6:30 PM, inviting attendees to immerse themselves in the Unreal Engine community. The schedule unfolds as follows:

7:00 PM: Intros & 2023 Unreal Engine Animation Fellowship Showcase
Kickstart the evening with an introduction and a showcase of the recently knighted fellows from the 2023 Unreal Engine Animation Fellowship. Delve into the final real-time animation projects and gain insights from the three-week intensive fellowship program, offering a glimpse into the cutting-edge developments in animation.

7:30 PM: Pif Edwards and Elzanne Venter Jali for Unreal Engine Sneak Peek & Realtime 3D Animation Pipelines
JALI Research, a Toronto-based software company, takes center stage with a sneak peek into their latest advancements. Co-Founder and CTO Pif Edwards and Lead Software Engineer Elzanne Venter unveil JALI's new plugins for UE5, scheduled for release in March 2023. Explore the world of high-impact audio-driven facial animation and rich dialogue directly in UE5 and Sequencer, showcasing the forefront of innovation in 3D animation pipelines.

Special Note for Demo Participants:
For those eager to showcase their work on a laptop or VR headset, the organizers invite you to reach out in advance at ben.unsworth@lumeto.com. Arrive early at 6:15 PM for setup, ensuring a seamless presentation of your creations.

RSVP Information:
Space is a precious commodity, so RSVP to secure your spot at this dynamic event. Send your RSVP to ben.unsworth@lumeto.com and join a gathering that promises to push the boundaries of real-time animation in Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine Toronto #20 - The Realtime Animation Edition is not just an event; it's an exploration into the future of animation technology. Join fellow enthusiasts, industry experts, and trailblazers from JALI Research for a night that blends education, innovation, and the shared passion for pushing the limits of what Unreal Engine can achieve in real-time animation.

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