Experience the Ultimate Fan Expo Gaming Adventure!

Experience the Ultimate Fan Expo Gaming Adventure!

Get ready for an incredible time at Fan Expo! With the busiest day ahead, here's a guide to making the most of your content creation journey, all within the South building.

Mega Power Games Unveils DepowerBall

Step into the world of indie developers as Mega Power Games introduces their masterpiece, DepowerBall. Join the excitement of this 4-player, fast-paced local and online game. Challenge the developers themselves and spread the word about this thrilling experience. For more details, check out our earlier post. Let's look forward to seeing even more local developers at upcoming Fan Expos!

Swing into Action with Spiderman 2!!!

Don't miss out on swinging by the PlayStation booth to discover the exclusive Spiderman 2 controller and console. Arrive early to snag a limited edition comic book. Capture memories at the interactive waterfall wall and take photos with iconic characters Peter and Miles. But be cautious of any lurking surprises!

Xbox Canada Thrills Await

Make your way to the Xbox Canada booth for an unforgettable experience. Engage with content creators, take on challenges, and perhaps secure an Xbox Game Pass code. As that can your ticket into space with the highly anticipated Starfield approaching.,

Quest to Conquer Cancer: Powered by AMD

Support a noble cause and stand a chance to win an AMD Ryzen 7000 processor. Visit Princess Margaret’s booth and make a minimum $25 donation. Additionally, explore the streaming area, where you can donate to streamers for another opportunity to win. The AMD and Princess Margaret booth promises an impressive showcase, including extraordinary gaming setups from Blacklyte.

Dive into Crunchyroll's World

Explore the captivating world of Crunchyroll and content creation. Their expansive booth is a paradise for all your social media content needs. Don't miss out on creating fantastic moments to share with your followers.

Paramount Presents Unmissable Attractions

Make Paramount your next stop! Witness the spectacle of twisted metal and get up close with life-size statues of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the latest movie, or check out the actual truck from the show Twisted Metal, it adds to the excitement.

Remember to Stay Safe and Celebrate! Embrace the geek culture with care and respect. Always ask cosplayers for permission before snapping photos of their incredible work. Let the celebrations begin and relish in the joy of Fan Expo!